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Top 5 best women's running shoes - Instructions on how to choose the right women's running shoes

Exercise is a very healthy activity and has been widely accepted. Jogging is the most popular sport to practice because it is easy to perform and extremely simple. So have you chosen for yourself the right women's running shoes for training? Let's join us to learn about this running shoe right below.

Benefits of using the right women's running shoes

In fact, each sport will have its own dedicated shoe. Jogging of course also has dedicated running shoes for this sport. Choosing the right shoes will help protect your feet from injury during exercise. Join us to learn the benefits of using the following women's running shoes:

Helps reduce injuries during exercise

This is the first health benefit this running shoe offers. Jogging is a continuous activity that puts pressure on the feet, knees and other parts of the body. Choose shoes that match your foot, with running terrain that will help you have fun on the run without injury while exercising.

So the use of specialized running shoes for women helps protect the best feet and avoid unfortunate injuries.

Make foot pads

The sport of running helps you maintain a healthy body. The cushion under the women's running shoes can prevent injuries while participating in running activities. At the same time the cushion also helps to avoid other effects such as inflammation of the membranes of the soles of the feet. It also prevents fractures and other injuries.

Helps regulate stride

None of us are born perfect, so our stride or gait may be problematic. Many runners have had their feet bent, which causes injuries such as sprains, swelling, etc. Achille tendinitis can also be acquired. Therefore, the use of running shoes for women helps runners not bend their feet and walk more normally.

Create confidence for runners

Confidence helps you a lot when participating in running or other activities because it increases intensity, motivation and positivity while active. Confidence comes from a variety of factors, including the use of the right women's running shoes. You will feel stronger and more confident with the right running shoes and prevent injury to your feet.

Types of running shoes for women

Running shoes are the shoes designed for running and protecting your feet best. Many people always have the thought that you can use these shoes in parallel with other activities such as gym, ... This is not completely wrong but will make your legs more vulnerable if you use it like that. .

Results of many experiments show that women's running shoes do not support any other activity well. However, if you want a more versatile shoe, choose training shoes but running cannot be replaced.

There are two types of running shoes for women, namely running shoes and off-road shoes. However, it can be classified in another way based on the structure of the shoe in accordance with the characteristics of the foot during movement. Measured in this way, running shoes are divided into the following four categories:

Motion control shoes: These running shoes are usually heavy and stiff. People with flat feet or heavy athletes (athletes with a BMI above 21) should wear these shoes. These shoes have a thicker cushion than other shoes.

Stability Shoes: This type of shoe is recommended for people whose feet tend to skew during a run.

Balanced shoes: These shoes are for people with normal feet that don't go out or out too much while running.

Barefoot Shoes: These tend to have little or no cushioning and support in the sole. They change and tighten with each leg activity so it feels like running barefoot while still protecting women's legs well.

Instructions on how to choose the right women's running shoes

Are you confused when you do not know which shoes to choose for daily running? Don't worry, let's learn with us how to choose the most detailed women's jogging shoes right below:

Based on running terrain

To choose the right shoes for running, you need to match the terrain that the girls want to run on. Smooth and flat tracks are the choice of many people when they practice jogging. However, many girls also choose rough and rocky roads because they love adventure and are new on the running tracks. Each track has a different type of suitable shoe such as:

Road running shoes also known as Road - running

Designed for running on sidewalks, asphalt or flat sections with less roughness and good pavement. This type of shoe is usually flexible, quite light, has a high grip to help the feet to be most comfortable when exercising. The women who use these shoes for daily walks or walks are very suitable.

Running shoes also known as Trail - running

This type of shoe is for women who love to venture on difficult, rough roads. When running on this road, injuries often occur, trail-running shoes are often designed with push and pull, better grip to avoid slippery. At the same time, the shoe collar is designed to provide the best ankle protection. Some shoes also have spikes on the sole for added stability.

Based on the distance of the track

Factors seem unimportant but also a factor should consider when choosing a pair of running shoes for women. If you only run regular daily for strength training or on a flat track for short distances, a pair of lightweight running shoes that support your balance is the best option. If you run a long distance, you should choose shoes with a heel that gradually increases to create a cushion to support each movement.

Depends on your feet

You care about distance and running terrain is just outside factors only is not enough. You need to understand your feet to choose the best running shoe. Join us to consider the following movements of the soles of your feet:


Ankle movement affects the lateral movement of your foot, the way your feet land indicates which running shoes to choose. Observe your old running shoes, the toe and sole worn evenly meaning your ankles are not tilting much to either side. When your feet touch the ground like this, a balanced ankle support shoe is needed.

Choose the right running shoes depending on your feet

If the sole tends to wear more to one side, your ankle is tilted more outward or inward. If there is a lot of inward deviation, you should choose shoes that support motion control, and have a stable structure. In the case of a lot of deviation, choosing a shoe with a thick soft cushion and hugging your feet will be the best choice.


If the above observation is not easy for you, you can also observe the soles of your feet because ankle movement will affect more or less the protrusion of the soles. Observe the following when wet, as follows:

Heart concave foot: arched and narrow footprint, with no connection between heel and heel. The concave foot is easily deflected.

Soles of the feet flat: wide footprint, you can easily rest the soles of the feet. Flat feet easily skew inward.

Normal soles: The middle level of flat feet and concave feet.

Go directly to the store to pick up shoes

When you go to the store to test the shoes in person, you can check if the shoes are suitable for your feet. At the same time see what the shoes will look like when they get on their feet. In addition, the staff will advise on which shoes are suitable for your age, terrain or intensity of exercise.

Go directly to the store to choose your running shoes

If you want to choose shoes online for more options and more reasonable prices, you can refer to the following ways to choose running shoes:

You measure the length and width with your socks on and compare them with the manufacturer's website specifications.

If you are wondering between 2 shoe sizes, you should choose a larger size. You can overcome the problem of loose shoes by wearing thick socks, tightening the laces, adding pads, ... But if shoes are tight, there is no way to fix them.

Read reviews and feedback of pre-purchased users for reference. Their opinions will help you better understand the shoe you are thinking of buying.

Use additional insoles for shoes

You can use additional insoles if you are not satisfied with the smoothness of your running shoes. Shoe insoles not only help you feel comfortable, but also aid in better posture practice. If you decide to use a pad, it is advisable to attach the pad to the inside of the test shoe before choosing to buy. This is because the insoles can affect the fit of sneakers

5 best women's running shoes today

You need to choose to buy a durable, quality shoes for running training. However, among many different models of shoes at different prices, you do not know which good women's running shoes and choose the right model? Here are the top 5 best women's running shoes that you can't miss!

Salomon Sonic Ra Women's Running Shoes

Product Highlights

This is the hottest women's running shoe in 2020, Salomon Sonic Ra is made from soft fabric, with fresh colors, stimulating activities for women. The sole is made of smooth rubber with a design and manufacturing based on VIBE Technology's sole technology. Helps increase motor efficiency as well as minimize injury during exercise. When wearing these high-quality running shoes from Salomon, you will feel a smooth, snug fit in every movement of the foot. At the same time, there is no foot pain like other normal women's sports shoes.

Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond women's running shoes

Product Highlights

Contributing to the list of the hottest women's running shoes in 2020, the major brand in the sportswear industry - Adidas brings its users Adidas AlphaBounce Beyond. Although it is a multifunctional shoe model, the shoe has been upgraded in terms of design and technology to improve the user's daily performance and daily sports performance. Adidas brand for high bounce, anti-slip and abrasion. At the same time, the fabric is soft, has a breathable mesh and a fixed plastic part on the heels of the heel helps to move more quickly.

Nike Free RN CMTR Women's Running Shoes

Product Highlights

The current women's running shoes come from well-known brands. Including the famous brand known a lot of people - Nike with the Nike Free RN CMTR. These shoes use polyester fabric, which is a specialized sports fabric, so it brings a good feeling of sweat absorption, very smoothness and effective deodorizing ability after each use. The shoe holder is made of high quality rubber so it has good elasticity. In addition, the grooves under the sole helps to prevent slipping during operation. The extreme versatility of Free RN comes not only from the soft sole, but also from the nose and overall heel design. Unlike many running shoes, the Free RN's heels aren't as stiff as they don't have a plastic heel lining. Instead, the heel is fabric and foam runs from bottom to middle of the sole.

New Balance Zante V4 women's running shoes

Product Highlights

New Balance is a famous sports brand from the US with products exclusively for sports lovers such as shoes, sandals, fashion sportswear, accessories, ... including running shoes. The best women's set - New Balance Zante V4 is more popular. The product is made of delicate synthetic leather, the fabric inside is smooth with an elastic rubber base. At the same time, the design embraces the foot to bring the most comfort to the user.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 women's running shoes

Product Highlights

This is the latest version of the high-end Pegasus running shoes line. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34 shoes with an extremely personality look with a completely unique color scheme. If you do not know which shoes to buy, this will be the perfect choice for you. The combination of Cushlon ST doubles with two Air Zoom airbags in the midsole provides excellent resilience and topographical adaptability and dynamic intensity. Shoes are equipped with Flywire fibers that are used to fix and hug the feet perfectly.

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