Thursday, October 8, 2020

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The most beautiful and impressive Mug design ideas at Gossby:

1 / Mug with simple design

Cup with simple design by printing logo, slogan or address, website on white paper background. This cup is often used for offices, schools, hospitals ... to help stand out the corporate logo

Logo is usually printed in the middle of the cup, printed on 1 side or 2 sides of the cup. Above is the logo, below is the slogan or business name. In addition, you can print the address, phone number, company website around the bottom of the cup

2 / Mug with menu

This is a Mug used for porridge shops, milk shops ... when the menu is plentiful. In addition to printing logo name, brand name, address on the cup. You can print more pictures of the product and menu list on the cup. You can stick the menu on the cup onto the product box to avoid confusion

3 / Mug for kids

Mug provides products for children such as milk, porridge cream. Therefore, the contents printed on the cup must be funny and attractive to the children

In addition to the basic printing contents such as: store name, product, address, sdt, hotline ... cups are printed with eye-catching colors and inserted with funny cartoon images.

4 / Mug for young people

It is a mug with milk tea, coffee, and drinks in fast food stores. But this cup is eye-catching with unique blood stains or motifs suitable for youth drinks. Instead of writing a lot of information on Mug. Mug for young people focuses on making an impression at first sight. Print only the product name, logo or brand

5 / Art Mug

Turn simple, inadvertent Mugs into impressive works of art. With artistic colors and designs, they make the user unable to leave it after using it later

Above 5 are the most popular Mug design ideas. However, you also need to base on factors such as the object of the product offering, the age, the industry or the food you are offering, the logo or the main color of the brand. From these elements, you can create impressive Mug that suits your unit best.


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